Android Applications

Here you can find Android apps developed by Empty Path LLC and Joshua Simmons. You can also find them all on Google Play.

Please contact me with any issues before giving a negative review in Google Play. There is no way to respond directly to your reviews in Google Play, so I can’t help you that way.

App Permissions

I don’t think that mobile apps should require a bunch of strange permissions to perform a basic task.

Too many apps require permissions that allow them to connect to the internet without your knowledge or read and modify sensitive data on your device. You never know what the developers are going to do with those abilities; there’s nothing preventing them from sharing your personal information with anyone they choose or otherwise compromising your device.

None of my apps will ever require unexplained permissions to be installed, so you can be sure that they’re only doing what you want them to and nothing more.

Assistant Event for Tasker

Assistant Event for Tasker logo

A simple Tasker plugin that lets you use the “Android Assistant” gesture as an event in Tasker.

By default, this gesture only loads up Google Now, which I don’t find all that useful (since it’s easy to get there from the notification bar anyway).

Give it a try if you use Tasker, it’s a nice way to trigger tasks quickly in almost any context (since the Home button is always available).

My Philosophy

I think that mobile apps should do one job and do it well. They should not get in your way or grab your attention when you are doing other important tasks, and they should certainly not worsen the battery life or performance of your phone or tablet. My mobile apps will always be extensively tested to be sure that they perform correctly in every instance. If you ever notice an issue with one of my apps, please let me know as soon as you can.