Contact Joshua Simmons


(480) 269-7284

Feel free to text or call me whenever; if I’m busy or sleeping I won’t answer, but I do check my messages as soon as I can.


Email is my preferred method of communication for most purposes. Contact me with whatever and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you’re able, please PGP encrypt messages to me.

My PGP Public Key (ID: 0x31A4B65C2D405BF3)


Joshua Simmons
P.O. Box 67323
Phoenix, AZ 85082

Even if you happen to know my street address, I’d still prefer you send things to my P.O. Box.

If you’re sending a check, please make it out to me personally, not my LLC. Thanks!



Now accepting Bitcoins!

As a special bonus, I’ll even give a 5% discount if you choose this option.

Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll generate a new address for you to send to.

If you’ve never heard of Bitcoins, read about them at the Bitcoin Wiki


Google+ is my primary social media site. I don’t usually share anything publicly, so ask me to add you to a circle if you’re interested. Or add me and if I know you I’ll probably do the same. Most of what I post is only of personal interest. That said, feel free to take a look at .


GitHub logo

I use the Git version control system for everything that I can. It’s a great tool for anyone who works in text of any kind, but especially for coding. GitHub is where I post any public projects that I’m working on. Check out my GitHub profile.