About Joshua Simmons

I am Joshua Simmons, a software engineer and computer scientist. I currently live in Phoenix, Arizona.

I am a generalist software engineer, with a focus on algorithms, optimization, testing and agile development methods.

After years of study and hard work I have built up a few valuable skills that I am quite proud of. Amongst them are the ability to write good software with few defects, collect and understand user requirements, learn a language or a framework efficiently, design and implement algorithms, analyze and improve efficiency, estimate the required time and cost of a project, teach my juniors, learn from my seniors, read and understand academic journals, track down bugs and write useful documentation.

If any of those skills sound like they’d be of use to you or your organization, you are in luck! I am currently looking for work. Please contact me for an up-to-date résumé.

The most convenient way to contact me is via email or check out my contact page for alternatives.